Press & Links

Bose Musical Instruments
The Bose L-1 “sticks” give perhaps the best live acoustic sound of anything we’ve ever heard! We have used ours since 2004 and couldn’t be happier with them! (plus, they look cool…)

Blue Chip Picks
The best flat picks ever invented since the hawksbill tortoise!

Planet Bluegrass
Home of some of the finest music festivals on planet earth!

The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum
A great place where “guitar geeks” meet & greet and generally waste time. (in a very fun way)

Sam Bush
We’ve been influenced by so many musicians it would be impossible to include them all, but
we just gotta pay our respects to “The King of Telluride”. Bless you, Sammy!

Martin Guitars
Many of the finest guitars available anywhere are made in Nazareth, PA by one of America’s
oldest family businesses. (since 1833!)

Collings Guitars & Mandolins
Very nice instruments indeed! Garry seems to make his Collings ring pretty true!

KAFM Community Radio
The best community radio station in Grand Junction, CO. We’re so proud!