Byron Walcher

A Grand Valley native, Byron began performing professionally after college. First gaining local exposure with standout bluegrass band The Ridgerunners as a banjo player, he then made the switch to pedal steel guitar and spent the next few years touring the “sagebrush circuit” in the Western US and Canada. In 1986 he accepted a slot with Chuck Wagon and the Wheels and moved to Sun Valley, Idaho. During the next 28 years the calendar was kept full with hotel and convention dates, road trips, recording and club dates in the very busy, upscale resort area. “Really too many bands to remember them all, everything from a doo-wop cabaret show to spaghetti western punk”. In 2008 Byron returned to his acoustic roots with the formation of Dewey Pickette and Howe, returning to banjo and bringing the dobro onstage. Returning to GJ in 2014 he was “lucky enough” to meet Gary and Pete and join Straygrass.